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Generator sets

Diesel and petrol driven


We supply diesel generators from 6 to 1,100 kVA, with standard electrical switchboard for direct power supply or stand-by for emergency power supply.

Small The smallest sets are portable, with an output starting at 2,5 kVA.
The smallest sets are petrol driven, sets with an output of 6 kVA or more are driven by diesel engines.
Plants We can supply complete plants, with standard or special switchboard, e.g. for automatic shifting from the grid to emergency supply.
Construction All generator sets can be delivered mounted on a frame, ready for installation in ships, machine rooms or machines.
They can also be delivered mounted in a container or on a trailer.
UPS Generator sets can be used for Uninterruptible Power Supply. This is often needed at hospitals and large computer systems.
Modern UPS plants have no moving parts in the stand-by mode.
Purpose The most common purposes are:
  • Emergency supply
  • Power supply for plants far from the grid
  • Power supply for machines and pumps on construction sites.

We can mention a few other purposes:

  • Emergency supply for rest homes and smaller hospitals.
    A standard emergency generator on a trailer, and standardized connections at the institutions. If the arrangement is administered by the local emergency service, the power supply can normally be re-established less than one hour after the break-down. This is a cheap security for the municipality.
  • Tariff running. Large enterprises sometimes pay an electricity tariff based on the highest peak consumption observed during the previous year. It may pay to have a diesel generator for supplementing the power supply when the consumption exceeds a certain limit.
    If you already have a generator set for emergency supply, or consider acquiring one, there is no doubt ... it is a good idea.
Projecting We can help with projecting information, examination and calculation.
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